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4943 Coburn Ct
Charlotte, NC, 28277
United States

(980) 355-0556

Our goal is to promote proven processes that will achieve predictable, repeatable and sustainable behavior change. Developing high performing individuals and teams is a company’s greatest competitive advantage. 



“David Kirkpatrick has served as a contract facilitator for a proprietary 2 ½ day leadership development program developed for one of our most important clients. He is one of the most exceptional people I have had the opportunity to work with as related to his desire to exceed expectations for the client. I would give David my highest recommendation not only as a trainer, facilitator, teacher, and coach, but also as an individual committed to helping others discover their own greatness."

Dr. Steve Swavely
Sr. VP Director of Leadership Development
BB&T Leadership Institute           




"I am always impressed with people with strong professional presence and a perpetual positive attitude. David has all of the right attributes for a training pro and has deep, up-to-date experience in the field. His experience is not just as a trainer but as a highly successful business person too. He has worked in a corporate environment as well as owned a small business which he drove to new heights before selling. If a company needs training and development services, they would be well served to consider David."


Gail Bruce - Former Sr. VP of Human Resources



"David is a rare breed in the world of corporate training and development. He is a partner in the truest sense of the word with his clients - spending untold hours to ensure they get the desired results and outcomes. His personal integrity is second to none and his positive attitude is contagious. David's work ethic and dedication to giving his best is unquestionable and he brings professionalism and heart to everything he does."

Susan Dunlap
President / General Manager
Dale Carnegie Training  
Charlotte & Western Carolina                                  





”This quite possibly was the best course/presentation that I have been involved with to date.  David was engaging, personable, and took all of us into less comfortable areas/situations but provided the support and the leadership to help us all get through the specific challenges.” 

Scott Christianson – Regional Controller        
Sonic Automotive               


“We wanted to develop a new leadership program. From the first seminar,  we got participant’s feedback like (this was a great interactive experience learning new methods I will use), I knew we have made a great investment for our management teams.”

Shawn P. Smith
Former Vice President, Human Resources
O'Neal Steel      



"This training occurred at a pivotal point for my organization and my team. We had just gone through significant organizational changes and we needed to come back to basics on how to perform together as a team. My team thoroughly enjoyed the material and the interactions during the workshop. Since the workshop, I have seen improved positive engagement of the participants within the organization and an increased willingness to work together. My team is stronger than ever and with the new tools, we are creating a better working environment."

Chad Schuchmann
Vice President
Liqui-Cel Business, Memberana – Charlotte
A Division of Celgard, LLC